Inside Links


Would you like to Join BMES?

Of course you do, everybody's doing it.

BMES doesn't have any required membership fees or membership applications or interviews with background checks. To join, carefully follow the setps below:

1. Send an email to the BMES Club ( ) and say, "I want to join BMES!" Please don't forget the exclamation point!

2. That's it you're official. We will add you to our email list so you can recieve information regarding important news in the BMED community.

If you ever miss a meeting you will be kicked out of BMES for good.
Only kidding, there's no attendence requirements (or any other requirements) for being a member. But there's always important information, and often times good food at the meetings.

So learn something - come to a BMES meeting.

Join a Committee!

We will be having Committee's through out the year, including Fundraising, Industry Outreach, and Banquet. Benefits include a BMES T-Shirt, Business Cards, and Brownie Points on the Resume, and GOOD times with GOOD people.

Join a Design Team!

Design Teams are open to all years and work directly with industry. You will be competing nationally with 11-14 other students. Leaders are needed!